Financial Aid


GHANA SCHOLARSHIPS: This is a government establishment that grants support to needy students. The portal is opened in a specific month each year and students are required to apply for support on the website of the institution. Application goes through different stages and deserving applicants are selected and finally given the needed assistance. This support is a grant and not a loan.

SCHOOL-BASED PARTIAL/ FULL-SCHOLARSHIPS: This is a kind of scholarship given by the GhanaCU to all enrolled students to reduce their fees burden. The package ranges from 10% to 50% of the tuition fees. In some extreme cases students are granted 100% scholarship at the discretion of senior management and on the approval of the academic board. In all these options, existing and newly enrolled students are required to apply officially for the scholarship. Finance is critical to students in the successful completion of any program. Even though students are expected to duly evaluate the sources of finance for their programs before enrollment, unexpected circumstances sometimes lead to financial difficulties that might impair their successful completion of the program.

In view of this challenge(s), Ghana Christian University College has identified a number of financing options that will give financial support to students to aid their successful completion of their program. These programs include the following: